What Home Improvements Can a Joiner Carry Out?

A joiner is a kind of specialist carpenter who works on creating items of furniture and other timber features you might find in a house. Rather than working on first fixings, as a carpenter might, the joiner is only concerned with second fixings and building furniture items, and here are just a few of the home improvements that a joiner could handle.

  • Bespoke Staircases – The joiner can design and build a made to measure staircase, and with local joinery companies in Plymouth who can build staircases to the client’s specifications, you can really have a radical design that looks unique.
  • Bespoke Windows & Doors – While many UK homeowners opt for UPVC or aluminium double glazed windows, if you live in a house of character, such modern materials don’t really fit the bill. Using your choice of timber, a joiner can build windows and doors that also have double glazed sealed units, without taking anything away from the classic design.
  • Bespoke Furniture – Having a fitted wardrobe is a great way to maximise space, and it doesn’t matter what shape the bedroom is, the wardrobe can be designed to fit perfectly. Kitchen cabinets can also be built in this way, and with your choice of timber, there isn’t an item of furniture that can’t be made by a joiner.
  • Timber Decking – You might have a nice terrace that you wish to have timber decking, and the joiner can design and build this to your exact specifications.

If you would like to have some bespoke timber home improvements, talk to your local joiner, who can create just about anything.

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